Name: Jessica Oak or Spooky Elric
Age: 23
Location: Toledo, Ohio and Wherever the Conventions take me.

I like words.
I like photos.
I like videos.
I like fandoms.
I like booze.
I like Sword of Truth.
I like suits on guys.
I like shoes.
I like makeup.
I like tattoos.
I like art.
I like dreaming.
I like Homestuck.
I like Harry Potter.
I like books.
I like cosplay.
I am a feminist.
I love the internet.
I love Kevin<3

My religion is Whedonism. I am a Whedonite. I worship Joss Whedon and all things Whedonverse.

None of the above things define me. I am who I choose to be, not a product of what I see.

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LET'S GO TO THE ZOO! - A Hamsteak Adventure

Hey Ohio/Michiganstucks! On the book of faces I made an event for us hamsteaks to invade the Toledo Zoo in May! If you’re interested, feel free to join the event and/or friend me!

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