Name: Jessica Oak or Spooky Elric
Age: 23
Location: Toledo, Ohio and Wherever the Conventions take me.

I like words.
I like photos.
I like videos.
I like fandoms.
I like booze.
I like Sword of Truth.
I like suits on guys.
I like shoes.
I like makeup.
I like tattoos.
I like art.
I like dreaming.
I like Homestuck.
I like Harry Potter.
I like books.
I like cosplay.
I am a feminist.
I love the internet.
I love Kevin<3

My religion is Whedonism. I am a Whedonite. I worship Joss Whedon and all things Whedonverse.

None of the above things define me. I am who I choose to be, not a product of what I see.

{ wear }


Rapunzel and Flynn had the right idea. Swords are old hat. Frying pans are the way to go. This frying pan right here adds a +20 to badassness. You know who needs a +20 to badassness? YOU. That’s right, I said it. Come at me bro. And if you don’t have one of these pans I’ll outgun you. Seriously though, how brutally awesome is this shit? You can’t get more hardcore cookware. Not to mention, if you watch his kickstarter video he wants to make a meat tenderizing mace. WHAT ARE YOU STILL READING THIS FOR. GO FUND THIS BITCH.

I’ve purchased from Morlock Enterprises before. Trust me, I know Jim, HE MAKES EPIC BADASSERY AND YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE.

*ollies out*

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